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Where men discover who they are and re-define what's possible for their lives. 

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Our Mission

To guide men in their journey of awakening, self-discovery and embodiment of their greatest gifts and authentic leadership. We're here to give men what lacks in our society: guidance, mentorship and community.


The Awake Man Academy: Launching January 2019

The Awake Man Academy is a comprehensive academy for men to discover who they are and re-define what's possible in their lives. 

The academy is led by teachers that walk their talk and can truly provide the best world-class mentorship. Our interest and commitment is men awakening to who they really are and living that in the world.

The enormous missing piece in so much of our personal development resources is the lack of integration and embodied experience. This results in people going from book to book, course to course, workshop to workshop without truly upgrading their experience of who they are and the life they experience.

Our message is that transformation is incredibly simple.


There are no hidden secrets, only simple forgotten truths.


Our focus with the academy is on providing the guidance to connect with who you really are, awaken to your life's purpose, follow your heart and have the support to truly embody that in the world. 

So many people find the real challenge is to live their truth in the world around them when they don't feel their world supports that. 

We've given so much focus in our academy to change that.

To help you embody your own power and wisdom as a man.

To feel free to live authentically to who you are.

That's why we've built the Awake Man Academy. 


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Academy Teachers

Embodied teachers that share their wisdom and highly developed work through years of teaching in authentic, direct style.

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The Awakened Living Project

Want to grow, co create and awaken with other heart centered leaders?Come and Stay for a Week or Weekend at our stunning residential retreat centre in the North of the Netherlands to upgrade your life and business. 

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7-Day Business Mentorship at New Eden

Ready to manifest your true mission in the world? Come New Eden for seven days with other conscious entrepreneurs and get intimate business mentorship with Anthony and Daniel.

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Hey Brother,


I believe being a man is the most sacred gifts that you and I have been given. It's up to us to actually demonstrate what it means to be a conscious, embodied man. 

This is a time where an enormous shift in consciousness is taking place on our planet, and with it comes the re-discovering of true masculine consciousness and leadership. 

Previously, leadership in men has been about power and intellect, yet that's not what it really means to be an embodied man.

There is a new leadership emerging, where men connect their heart, their voice, their genius and their power.

These are the men that will truly change the world. 


Anthony Thompson
Founder of AWAKE MAN  


The Founders

Anthony Thompson

Visionary, entrepreneur and mentor

After leaving university at 19, writing his first book at age 20, Anthony has traveled all over the world in an intensive search to understand the depths of human consciousness and what it takes to access our dormant intelligence.

Having worked with hundreds of people all over the world as a mentor & transformational guide, his work is now focused on bringing men into true leadership through embodying the full spectrum of their masculine qualities. 

Anthony is constantly recognised to have an incredibly rare gift for activating people to "wake up" to who they really are, and lead their lives boldly. 

Daniel Wagner

Vision Architect & Philanthropist

A successful entrepreneur having built multiple six and seven figure companies, as well as an established brand. Daniel's success began in entrepreneurship but he soon found this didn't bring him in touch with his true purpose. 

After a two and a half year inner exploration at age 50, Daniel has rediscovered the depths of who he is and brought a new understanding as to how to lead a truly successful life. 

Daniel is now a mentor to men and business leaders as they bring about a new consciousness in their lives. 

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